We'll be open on 28th March 2019.
After the success of UNPLAN in Kagurazaka, we are happy to announce the opening of our second location in Shinjuku!
Located in the heart of Shinjuku, our hostel brings to you a space where anyone can sit back and relax, whether they are new to, revisiting, or residing in Japan.

The city of Shinjuku is a perfect mix of bustling urban and intermingled cultural diversity. The coloration of downtown, an intersection of various information, constant lively motion...
Why not start your exciting, highly anticipated Japan trip with UNPLAN Shinjuku?

2019年3月28日に、UNPLAN Shinjukuがオープンいたします。
UNPLAN Kagurazakaに続き同ブランド2店舗目となるUNPLAN Shinjukuは、大都会の賑わいとミックスカルチャーの感じられる街・新宿の中心地に位置しています。

エキサイティングで期待にあふれる旅を、UNPLAN Shinjukuからスタートさせませんか?

If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address below.

UNPLAN Shinjuku