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UNPLAN Kagurazaka Gallery
UNPLAN Kagurazaka Gallery
Come by and drink a cup of coffee at your own pace in a cafe where guests from all over the world come and go.
Add a little bit of excitement into your ordinary day. We have also opened a gallery in our borderless hostel to add the essence of art.
We aim to become a place where art connects people with people, and people connect art with art.

Now Open


Space Available for Rent

UNPLAN Kagurazaka’s 1st floor walls
*Display areas are fixed

Available Rental Time

Must be rented 1 month at a time


*However, we charge 10,000 yen for assistance in set up and clean up

Product Sales Commission

20% of product price (only charged for products that are sold)
*Hosting reception parties and other similar events require an extra charge

Facilities and Furnishings

Air conditioning and heating, wifi

Contact Us

UNPLAN Kagurazaka gallery owner

*Please first check our terms of use, and then send us an email with your profile
and concept description

Terms of use

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