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2017 5.04

One Year Down, Many More to Go

Hello everyone!

Long time no blog post.

We recently updated our homepage! Have you had a chance to take a look at it?


Why the change, you ask?

Well, we were thinking it was just about time to give our homepage a makeover, now that UNPLAN is officially 1 year old!

Yes, UNPLAN Kagurazaka just had its 1st anniversary on April 24th!

We celebrated here in our lounge with an all-day event on the 30th.


(Meika decorating ❤︎)


We celebrated by giving out balloons, free drinks, and handmade cookies to all of our visitors that day.

We also had a lottery. Those who participated won UNPLAN brand items and free accommodation tickets!



We had a party in the evening, and our lounge filled up fast!

It was great to see so many familiar faces of all the people who had visited us over the past year. And the new faces too, of course!

We hope you all had fun getting together and celebrating with us!



Thank you to everyone who came to UNPLAN this past year, whether you were a hostel guest, café customer, or a 1 Year Anniversary party go-er.

This year was made possible thanks to all of you!!


We hope to have another great year here at UNPLAN, and to continue meeting people, whether old friends or new friends.


All of us UNPLANNERS will be here waiting to see you!



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