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2017 7.02

Accommodation Exchange Program

Hello everyone! How is your July coming along?


Here at UNPLAN, we have created a special program with other fellow hostels in Tokyo.

We have exchanged accommodation tickets with each other so our staff can try staying a night in their dorms, and vice versa!


Within the last few months our staff stayed at hostels such as Kaisu, We Base, Wise Owl, Grids, Obi, and Bunka, Samurais and etc.


We got to see how other hostels work and feel what it is like to be a hostel guest rather than staff.


We Base (Kamakura)


Wise Owl (Shibuya)


Samurais Hostel (Ikebukuro)


…and many more!


We had a great time staying at all of the hostels!

A big thank you to everyone who hosted us, and everyone who came to be hosted by us!

We hope to have more chances to interact with each other in the future!




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