Hostel UNPLAN Village Hakuba is located in Tsugaike Kogen, a mountain resort in Hakuba of Nagano prefecture.
Tsugaike Kogen is full of activities to do all year round.
We operate two buildings–UNPLAN Village Hakuba 1 and UNPLAN Village Hakuba 2. UNPLAN Village Hakuba 1 has a stylish design and is recommended for young people and couples. UNPLAN Village Hakuba 2 is designed for families with its lodge-like design where you can feel the warmth of trees.
Charged with the power of nature’s rich energy, come and enjoy a variety of seasonal leisure activities in Hakuba.



UNPLAN Village Hakuba 1
UNPLAN Village Hakuba 2

12840-1 Oaza Chikuni-Otsu, Otari-mura,
Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Japan 399-9422
TEL: 0261-85-4845 (UNPLAN Village Hakuba 1 Reception)

Reception Hours: 8:00-21:00
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Melt by UNPLAN

UNPLAN Village Hakuba 1F
12840-1 Oaza Chikuni-Otsu, Otari-mura,
Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Japan 399-9422

Hours of Operation:
Mondays〜Sundays: 7:00-21:00
Cafe Time: 7:00-21:00
Lunch Time: 12:00-14:00(12:00-17:00 on Sundays)
Dinner Time: 16:00-20:00
Closed: No lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays, No dinner on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays

Encounter by UNPLAN

UNPLAN Village Hakuba B1F
12840-1 Oaza Chikuni-Otsu, Otari-mura,
Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Japan 399-9422

Hours of Operation: 18:00-25:00

Hostel Services

Reception Hours: 8:00-21:00
Check-in Time: 16:00-21:00
Check-out Time: 0:00-10:00
Breakfast: 7:00-9:00
Showers: available 24h
Small public bath: 17:00-22:00
Laundry Room: available 24h

We can store guests’ luggage before check in as well as after check out. Luggage storage on any days that do not coincide with the guest’s stay date are ¥500 per night. Feel free to ask reception staff about luggage storage and courier services for ski and snowboard gear.

Hakuba Foothills Area

UNPLAN Village Hakuba

The foothills of the Northern Alps in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture is a mountain resort with magnificent nature, and also one of Japan's leading leisure spots where you can enjoy various seasonal outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and snowboarding. There are 10 unique ski resorts in the surrounding area. UNPLAN Village Hakuba is located right in front of the Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort, which is known for its good powder snow and backcountry skiing. Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field, Hakuba Happoone Ski Resort and Able Hakuba Goryu are also easily accessible by bus.

UNPLAN Village Hakuba

You can enjoy a variety of leisure activities throughout the year, such as trekking and hiking in the spring and summer.

UNPLAN Village Hakuba

As Japan’s largest snow resort, visitors from all over the world come for winter sports.

UNPLAN Village Hakuba

Unique scenery can be seen here, giving the area a different feel from other parts of Japan. It’s a great place for “hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) and picnics against a snowy background.

Fun Activities in Hakuba

Hakuba offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. Learn about them here.

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