To the travelers who came to Japan, but are no longer able to return home because of travel restrictions and recurring flight cancellations…
To the hardworking parents who are unable to return home from work because they want to protect their children…
To the children who are told not to go out but are uncomfortable being in their own homes…

These people have so much more to worry about in addition to the pandemic, but they are still doing their best every day.

Up until now we mainly focused on providing services to help travelers enjoy their time in Japan.

However, as we are currently unable to do so, we have started to focus on helping others who are struggling during the pandemic. “UNPLAN Oasis” refers to the service we provide to those people for little to no cost.

Right now UNPLAN is providing a safe, comfortable place to stay free of cost to those who are in need of it.
(The first guests we accepted are a large group of Argentinians stuck in Japan, requested by the Embassy of Argentina)

※ All donations collected through this fundraiser will be used toward guests who are staying at UNPLAN, and funding of projects to help these guests.

We are asking for your help in keeping UNPLAN open so we can continue to support those who are struggling during the pandemic.

<What UNPLAN is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19>

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※As of 13/September/2020 11:00

Donations to
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Donations to breakfast: 151

Donations to UNPLAN staff: 579

Thanks to your generous donations,

55 guests

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820 nights

Thank you!

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