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2019 12.11

Events in December at hostel UNPLAN Shinjuku

Every month at our hostel, UNPLAN Shinjuku hosts many events for both guests and visitors to join, please join our staff for nights of fun, drinking, eating, karaoke and many more cultural events!

[Shinjuku Night Out]

Every week, UNPLAN Shinjuku hosts a night out at our hostel bar and restaurant, we start off at the hostel and then move on to discover Shinjuku for a night of traditional Japanese Izakaya food, many drinks and of course Karaoke! Join us on these dates this month at 18:00: 4/12, 11/12, 18/12, 25/12. 

[Gyoza Parties]

We love introducing our guests and whoever wants to join to traditional Japanese foods that’s why we host various food events at our hostel such as Gyoza parties. Gyoza are delicious dumplings with various fillings that every visitor to Japan and UNPLAN Shinjuku should try! During these nights we will teach you how to make Gyoza and you get to eat as many as you want. On the following dates this month we will be having our Gyoza Parties: 3/12, 9/12, 17/12, 20/12.

 [Shinjuku Night Walking Tour]

Do you want to experience Shinjuku with people who know the area well and know where to take you to have a good time? We’ll show you Shinjuku hotspots such as the Batting Cages, the game center and much more! You can join us this month on 12/12

[UNPLAN Shinjuku Sake Tasting Event]

 Our staff at UNPLAN Shinjuku have been diving deep into the secrets and trade specialities of Japanese Sake. Sake is a very famous drink within Japan and outside of it, so we love to introduce guests to many different variants and therefore we host Sake Tasting Nights! We will have a fine selection of sakes and assorted foods and at the end there will be a blind sake tasting contest where there is a prize to be won! Please join us on these following dates: 5/12,30/12

[UNPLAN Shinjuku Christmas Party]

Join us this month on the 22/12 for our first ever UNPLAN Shinjuku Christmas Party. It will be a night packed with Christmas Treats, Movies, Songs and many drinks and special food items! Please join us this year to celebrate the holidays.

These are all the events we will be hosting at UNPLAN Shinjuku in December!

We look forward to welcoming you to our hostel and to see you at one of our events.


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