“Karaage Sakaba Bonds” is a new and unique Japanese Izakaya that uses neon lights to create a retro atmosphere where customers can enjoy meals and socialize. Our Signature dish is the “Housemade Karaage Chicken ,” which won the gold prize at the Karaage Grand Prix. We marinate the meat in our homemade shio-koji seasoning to make tender and juicy karaage. Please enjoy it! Also, we offer a variety of photogenic drinks such as Tropical Highball and Frozen Strawberry Highball.


(12:00 - 17:00)

We serve delicious Karaage that got a gold medal. Please enjoy your meal with our staff who is casual!



(18:00 - 23:00) (FOOD L.O. 22:00 / DRINK L.O.22:30)

We have a variety of dishes that even foreign customers can enjoy, including our specialty, "Deep-fried food with salted malt", which won the "Fried Food Grand Prix Fame Award",We have a variety of menu items that even foreign customers can enjoy.We also have a selection of Japanese craft beers and original cocktails.Please enjoy the food at "Karaage Sakaba Bonds" with your drink.


Take out

We have a lunch menu, coffee, granola and other items to take home as well.

Take out


Customers can book private parties, events, and more.
We can both rent out the bar as a space alone or with a food and drink course.
For those interested, please go to our “Contact Us” page and send us an email by selecting “Rental space, private reservations, BBQs.”

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