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2017 3.28

UNPLAN Kagurazaka Staff Introduction

Hi everyone!
It is hostel in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, UNPLAN Kagurazaka.
Third of the staff introduction.

Kojima Tiki
Nicknames:Kojimasan , Kojikoji , Kojitaro-
Birthplace:Tokyo , Higashiyamatoshi
Languages:Japanese and English
Recommended spots in Kagurazaka

Akagi Shrine


Akagi Shine is the most famous shrine in Kagurazaka. It was reconstructed in 2010 by a famous Japanese artictecht named Kuma Kengo. It has a modern outward appearance, but this shrine has a history of nearly 700 years. This shrine houses many gods, including those who bring luck in one’s studies, and those that treat illness. It also has a café inside, so be sure to visit.
It is a 7 minute walk from UNPLAN

Maria Cosmen
Nickname : MARIA , MARI
Birthdayplace : Spain
Recommended spots in Kagurazaka

Neko no yubinkyoku


This shop is owned by a man who loves both cats and stamps. Inside there are many cat-themed goods, such as key chains, stationary, and many other miscellaneous items. Since this shop is owned by just one man, its opening days and hours vary. Sometimes it’ll close on rainy days.
It is close to Akagi Shrine.


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