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2020 4.07

[Stuck In Japan Plan]

At UNPLAN Shinjuku we value each and every guest that stays with us and want them to leave with an experience they will truly remember fondly . Currently we are offering this plan for all who are facing difficulty leaving Japan due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. Please contact us directly via our website if you or someone you know is interested.

【Stuck in Japan Plan】
Are you stuck in Japan because of recently imposed travel restrictions or a flight cancellation? UNPLAN has noticed an increase in troubled travelers, so we have made a special plan to help you save on living expenses while you’re stuck in Japan.
1 week = 12,000 yen in a mixed or female dormitory.
This plan includes…
· Free amenities (bath towel, toothbrush, earplugs, slippers, pajamas)
· Free laundry
And the usual free WiFi, common room, share kitchen, etc. that UNPLAN offers to all guests.
Dormitory beds include power outlets and USB ports, hangers, and a locker for small valuable items.

[How to apply]
You will need to show us proof of your flight change or cancellation (a flight number or email from your airline company will do), or your passport if you are unable to return home because of travel restrictions.
Please email us at…
UNPLAN Shinjuku: shinjuku@fika.tokyo
UNPLAN Kagurazaka: inquiry@unplan.jp
Write the email subject as “Application for Stuck in Japan Plan.”
※UNPLAN Shinjuku can also accept walk in reservations. So if you’re already in the area, stop by and make a reservation at our reception desk! (Please apply by email if you wish to stay in UNPLAN Kagurazaka)



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